James E Adamson, P.E.

Professional Experience

Summary  Technical management and design engineering professional with 35+ years experience in design, project engineering, project management, department management, and small company management.  Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Florida. 


1983-1989   Florida Atlantic University
Boca Raton, Florida, USA
Masters of Science in Engineering, fluid mechanics specialty
1972-1973   Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Coursework towards Masters of Mechanical Engineering
1969-1971   Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, highest honors
1964-1967   Palm Beach Junior College
Lake Worth, Florida , USA
Associate of Arts, Pre-Engineering course of study


2010-Current  DeepDriver LLC
Houston, Texas, USA
Chief Technology Officer/Founder
Company's mission is to commercialize a patented deep-ocean-capable pile driver whose power source is as amall as an ROV.

2006-Current  Okeanos Engineers LLC
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Consulting, design engineering and project management business specializing in subsea applications.  Clients to date have included Marinus Power, Lockheed Martin, Perry Slingsby Systems, Global Marine Systems, OceanWorks International, Fugro Chance, Fugro GEOS, BP, Chevron, Mako Engineering, Zupt, Continental Shelf Associates, the Triton Group, Geoscience Earth and Marine Systems (GEMS), Norcon/Geoquip, and International Submarine Engineering (ISE).

2006-2011  Marinus Power LLC
Houston, Texas, USA
Director of Technology / Co-Founder
Renewable Energy Project Development and technology acceleration, biased toward offshore applications. Projects included a joint venture to scale up and marinize a vertical axis wind turbine for offhore applications, using either fixed or depth independent platforms; a joint venture to conduct tank testing, complete detailed design and fabricate an innovative point absorber style wave energy device for open ocean test and evaluation, followed by product commercialization; and a tidal energy demonstration project in conjunction with a major construction firm and a university..

2001- 2006 OceanWorks International
Houston, Texas, USA
VP Technology
Responsible for business expansion in Houston into remotely operated subsea tooling, engineering services and custom subsea machinery for use on and with Remotely Operated Vehicles and other applications.  Intec, Northrup Grumman, Thales International, Global Marine Systems, Stolt Offshore, Fugro, BMT, GEMS, Canyon, Sonsub, Heerema, Shell, BP, SBM, and Mako are among clients served.
Products developed included: a Torque Tool per API 17-D; a Flying Lead Orientation Tool; a general purpose subsea communication and control system; and a “flying lead” connection system. 
Projects included: “Deep Grab”, a buried cable recovery tool; a remotely activated multiple large cable cutting tool; a 24” x 3 meters deep x 600 hp pipeline burial kit attached to “Excalibur”; various small tools; an ROV-operated subsea glycol injection skid; an ultra-reliable hydraulic compensator for US Navy use; a jumper mid-span support tool; various overboarding systems for sensor deployments from platforms and ships.
Engineering studies included: subsea soil removal by water-jetting, on-board ship equipment surveys, subsea mining and slurry transport equipment, a simplified cable plow, gravity anchor hydrodynamics and simulation, and instrumentation and actuation of a proposed laterally loaded conductor test program.

1998-2001  Accelerated Conjury Corporation
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Consulting engineering and custom fabrication business specializing in subsea applications and seafloor burial equipment.  Clients included Global Marine Systems, Dynacon, Stolt Comex Seaway, International Submarine Engineering Ltd, Perry Tritech, Lockheed/Martin Marietta, Marsco, Hardsuits, Alstom Schilling Robotics, Florida Atlantic University, Universal Studios Florida, Advanced Animations, and Cinnabar.  Projects included impact analysis and mitigation design, subsea work package design and build, cable and pipeline waterjet burial and deburial systems design and build, structural analysis, machinery design, plan reviews, project management and funded proposal writing.

1990-1998   Perry Tritech, Inc (now part of Forum Energy Technologies, Inc)
Jupiter, Florida, USA
VP Technology, previously Director of Technology, previously Engineering Manager
Managed growth of Development Center, charged with special projects and new product and system development.  Developed vehicle system for in-service inspection of storage tanks of hazardous materials.
Technical management of numerous projects, including:

1998          Palm Beach Community College
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Adjunct Professor

1990-1990   Kinetix, Inc
Orlando, Florida, USA
Project Manager
Took over management of large projects at Universal Studios

1987-1990   Suntech Engineers Corp.
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Partner/Cofounder of Specialty Projects and Engineering Company
Clients included Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Pratt Whitney, US Navy, Lantana Boatyard, numerous construction contractors.
Projects included: design and build of animated alligator (Universal Studios), numerous upgrades to mechanical equipment in Norway Pavillion (Walt Disney World), jet engine test stand upgrades (Pratt & Whitney), dynamic load sensing on torpedo fins (US Navy).  Spun off Pelagic Products Inc., to design and build a consumer affordable undersea observation remotely operated vehicle.

1981-1986   Perry Offshore, Inc
Riviera Beach, Florida, USA
Senior Engineer
Project and design engineering on numerous manned and remote vehicles and tooling including
hydrodynamic, structural, naval architectural, and control aspects of numerous systems including PC1805, Perry's last manned sub.

1978-1981   J B Hargrave, Naval Architects, Inc
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Design Engineer

1975-1978   Vista Lite, Inc
Hialeah, Florida, USA
Plant Engineer

1971-1975   Westinghouse Electric, Large Rotating Apparatus Division
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Development Engineer

1966-1969   US Navy Submarine Service
Groton, Connecticut, USA
Interior Communications Electrician